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Welcome to traktheglue addon page.

traktheglue is a XBMC GetGlue add-on based on "Trakt Utilities". It sends what you're watching to GetGlue, and obviously, trakt.

Download .zip


After downloading the zip file, use the "Install from zip" option in Programs >> Get More (you may need to hit return on ".." a few times).


Once installed, go to Enabled Add-ons >> Video Add-ons, click with the right button on Trakt Utilities and hit configure. Set your Username and Password from Trakt, then select GetGlue. In this page, all you want to do is check "Enable GetGlue check-in" and adjust all your personal stuff (Remember to also set scrobbling options for trakt). Don't worry about the tokens.

Now, restart XBMC. When you're back, open a movie or tv show. The addon will automatically open a window on your browser, so you can login to GetGlue and authorize the application. Once you've done that, go back to XBMC, hit "Yes" on that dialog. Now, restart XBMC and you're done! :)


9/24 - Authentication problems fixed. Thanks @TMiland. Built in testing version of Trakt Utilities, any problem, reply me. I'm goin to create a channel for all users to receive e-mail whenever this page gets updated with a new version of traktheglue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

8/26 - Small fix. Plugin was asking for authentication even when disabled. (thanks @athosbr99)

8/09 - Big change in the code and improvements. (That black screen thing was removed)

6/15 - Personalised messages for check-ins.

6/03 - Some major bugs were fixed. (thanks @cadusilva and @soaresgui) and IMDb urls for TV Shows.

6/02 - Check-in when video was back from pause fixed.

Support or Contact

If you have any problems, suggestions or just want to get to know me, reply me on twitter any time. If you want a heads up about updates, follow me there. Thanks for using traktheglue! :)